At Pollstra Research, we conduct research on behalf of national and international clients with our specialty within the political realm. Our data and statistical operations team are guided by our principal that accuracy is everything. We have gone to great lengths to refine our systems, software, and formulas to ensure that our product meets the most rigorous industry standards.

Our public opinion research and integrated projects combine the best of qualitative and quantitative research. Whether it's electoral tracking, candidacy viability, issue resonance, or tried and tested group discussions, we approach every project with commitment and a drive for perfection.


Our markets include political polling, opinion research, and corporate market research. Our team's extensive knowledge will navigate our clients through the unpredictable world of politics and public office. All of our research and methodologies are driven and monitored by sound scientific principles and research platforms.


Our successful international market research brings elements together to deliver research programs which enable our clients to address critical issues both locally and globally. Pollstra Research International is network flexible and we are not compelled to work with local subsidiaries or franchisees.

We select local partners based on quality, track record, and compatibility. For qualitative work we will always send a team member to brief the local partner and engage in the local fieldwork process from beginning to end. Wherever possible, we try to meet local stakeholders and gain firsthand experience of local markets.

Pollstra Research owns and operates a series integrated in-house research call centre in Ontario, Canada in which 100% of our domestic research is conducted.